On the road by scooter (Hua Hin, Thailand – Part 03)

This moment we start 13 kilometers south of the city of Hua Hin at the royal Khao Tao Reservoir near the imperial pavilion. It is a replica of Khuha Kharuehas Royal Structure in Sam Return Of Investment Yod National Forest (Tham Phraya Nakhon).

This moment we begin 13 kilometers southern of the city of Hua Hin at the royal Khao Tao Tank near the imperial pavilion. It is a replica of the royal pavilion of Khuha Kharuehas in Sam Return Of Investment Yod National Forest (Tham Phraya Nakhon). We're heading southern for now and will certainly discover selfie coffee shops and also various other things before transforming west in Pak Nam Pran as well as heading to old Pranburi. We will enjoy it: lots of nature, fresh air and really little website traffic.

Finally, stroll along the famous "Talad Gao" – the old Pranburi Market Street. You will certainly meet a great deal of nice people. This classic market has a honored 200-year background, going back to the Ayutthaya age when it was a social and organization center for both Thai and also international vendors. With the development of Pranburi, the when really lively old market ended up being less important. To restore the stress of the good old days, neighborhood guides and also parishioners determined to arrange a Saturday walking road in the old market location.

The market supplies a glimpse into Thai society and practice as well as a kicked back area for area participants to provide authentic regional products. Neighborhood members are working to maintain old wood residences in the market area. You can soak up the historic environment while looking for mementos, old publications or handicrafts. Or just attempt something from the many specials available.

This project intends to promote ecotourism related to Thai culture as well as practice, protect old Thai wooden residences out there area and also specifically promote the local economic situation and enhance community unity according to the self-sufficiency principles of His Greatness the King Bhumibol.
Site visitors can go back to the yesteryear and appreciate its charm while taking pictures on the second floor of the old wood home which is now transformed right into a Thai coffee shop. Visitors are currently welcome to appreciate enchanting, sweet and also lowdown charm at the Pranburi old market.

Pranburi train terminal

Opening hrs:
Saturday 4 – 9.30 pm.

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  1. Its funny you should mention “Selfie Cafes”, as I’d not heard about them before, until Ally Taylor mentioned one in his Bor-Sang Vlog the other day. I went and had a look at it today with my wife, and now see what it’s all about.

    Seems like a fun thing for people of any age to do, all you need is a certain confidence in your photogenic appearance and you can happily click away all day, and entertain your friends with the resulting uploads 😃

  2. Outstanding video ! Got me into a down memory lane thank you, waiting for travel to resume !

  3. Dear dav snow – Hua Hin is a beautiful place, but pretty manageable. But it is teeming with these “selfie locations”. As I said, a leisure fun especially for the rich, young and beautiful people from Bangkok. Because not everyone can afford 250 baht for coffee and cake here. But there are often cars in the price category 3-6 million baht in front of such places. The show must go on. Thanks for your comment. hannes w.

  4. Dear Quiet Life – Thanks for your comment. Hope you can travel again soon. All the best. hannes w.

  5. Very nice video! I live in Hua Hin since 2014, drove these roads many many times! I had to go to Europe and now waiting to return…. Hopefully soon!

  6. Dear Un Chico Holandes – Thanks for the nice comment. Hope you can return soon – good luck. hannes w.