1. I’m hoping I can use your services when the time comes for me to live in Thailand. If I can get a couple things to go in my favour I’m hoping in a year maybe two max.

  2. Good driver,good personality,good English,and very cute too.😊
    Have a great week.
    Love from Arizona highlands.

  3. Hello good morning Jira…here it`ts now 3:00 in the morning…but actually we turn back the clocks for one hour, because Summertime ends and Wintertime starts..from this morning we are always 6 hours behind your time…have a nice and save Sunday…by the way Hua Hin is a very nice region and city…have alredy watched some Videos on “Simons” channel “Land of Smiles Thailand”
    ..he has a resort there near by with his wife….also very nice location. Well you already know the highways here and so let me say the most highways in thailand seem to be better with everywhere 3 lines per direction….but are there Speed limits?

  4. When I get back to Thailand I would like to treat you to a right out on the town, love your videos. You have really sparked my interest into purchasing a nice home in Thailand!

  5. Love seeing you Jira 💕 make a fun video with your son. Hope you are having a great weekend love

  6. You are an amazing lady , doing so much looking after your son your university work your estate agent work looking after older people how do you do it all . I know it’s hard work now but will be worth it in th end . So keep going . Nice vlog as always stay safe